Developing Projects, One Zone At A Time

Zonal Planning

Zonal divisions are the way forward for large scale development projects spread over a huge area. This makes it all the more important to have a well diversified team that is capable of managing, supervising and allocating development functions for different zones based on their individual levels of progress and priorities.

TechMech has handled numerous such projects for corporate as well as public organization, wherein our professionals have undertaken complete charge of zonal planning as well as implementation. This has not only added to our treasure of experience, but has also given us numerous experiences of on ground zonal planning, development and supervision. It is this practical experience that we offer to clients as our greatest asset.

The key to zonal planning is to assign small teams for specific functions in specific zones. At the same time it is important to have a consolidated zonal development plan to keep all activities and personnel interconnected and informed about the necessary inputs. The level of depth that we achieve at TechMech when it comes to zonal planning is unique. From outlines to sector-wise development, we offer a list of details in our plans. These include allocation of man power and resources as well as real time supervision of the development processes.

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