Treatment Plants For Sustained Growth

Waste and Waste Water Treatment

Environment  Waste & Waste Water Treatment TechMech is a well established consultant and solution provider for waste and waste water treatment. Our dedicated team of professionals has worked with numerous clients over the year. This in turn has provided them with a high degree of on-ground experience. We offer this experience to our clients; to provide them with customized solutions for their individual requirements. We specialize in using and implementing client specific water and waste treatment plants, optimization of design, environmental management plan, solid waste management, rain water harvesting, developing clean technologies and waste minimization process for industries.

The status quo guidelines for certain specific industries demand a zero discharge infrastructure and policy. At TechMech we ensure that all the required guidelines and requirements are met, while using modern technologies like Reverse Osmosis, Multi-effect Evaporation and Incineration. We use a series of advanced technologies to treat waste water and remove all form of impurities from it. Our waste water treatment solutions facilitate sustainable growth by returning waste water to the environment.

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