Know Your Worth


TechMech's Valuation division offers a range of services to help clients value their projects and businesses. We provide detailed and reliable reports for all sorts of valuations. Whatever your need, we have a specialist for you. From business sale and purchase to mergers, litigation, business development, new projects, management buyouts and much more, our valuation specialists cover every type of valuation. We understand the importance of accuracy and impartiality in valuations. Hence, we offer experts who have a thorough knowledge and many years of the experience on the field.

We have built a reputation for ourselves over the years. You can trust us to offer valuations which encompass vast amounts of analysis, down to the minutest details. We can value the many different assets of a company, tangible as well as intangible. These include the brand, stocks and assets, company goodwill and equity. We also offer appraisals for intellectual property and technology transfer so you know what your innovations are worth.