Sustainable Urban Prosperity

Urban Design

Urban Designing is a crucial planning service provided by TechMech. It aims at providing solutions that lead to sustainable urban development while keeping in check the negatives that may arise out of unplanned hasty development. Our teams of experts have handled numerous urban design projects in the past. They have also gathered crucial on-ground experience that we offer to our clients. Our professionals anticipate the on-ground developments or hassles and provide ready solutions that can resolve the same with ease and swiftness.

Our urban planning team consists of two core divisions. One being the architectural division and the other is the town planning division. Our professionals from these two core teams work in synchronization to provide a holistic angle to the urban development process, while at the same time highlighting complex levels of detail, so as to not leave out any crucial step of development untouched. It has been our continuous endeavor to provide a detailed plan to our clients, along with constant updates of the progress and the supervision of step by step development.

TechMech also provides important inputs to various related bodies on matters connected with urban planning and development, such as issues pertaining to urbanization, town planning, urban transportation, metropolitan planning, human settlement policies and planning legislation.

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