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Site Planning

Just as there are legal requirement for a comprehensive plan for land use controls, similarly there is an essential requirement for site planning as the basis for a sound site design. By virtue of its name, site planning suggests a gradual yet broad angle to the process of new development or expansion of existing development on the basis of a range of considerations including economic, social and physical factors. It implies planning as well as the creation of procedures for various stages of development.

Site planning is the development of an overall outline that needs to precede the actual on-ground development of any particular property or sight. TechMech has worked with numerous clients in the past, having provided them with customized and apt solutions that create a long term bench mark for our clients as well as us. We not only provide a comprehensive plan, but also arrange the necessary requirements for our clients, either in the form of direct contact or as referrals, for man power, raw materials, contractors and vendors.

TechMech and its experts pay special attention to the rules and regulation laid by law and order authorities, while also keeping in mind the suitability of our solutions in context of the environment and the surrounding demographics. It is this multi-pronged approach that allows us to come up with an integrated plan capable of covering all the necessary details that may be required during the actual development process.

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