Enabling Cash Flow Through Recovery

SARFAESI, Recovery, Supporting and Resolution Agent

We at TechMech provide all the necessary services prescribed under the SARFAESI Act, 2002. This includes providing trained professionals who work as recovery agents keeping in mind the functions mentioned in the aforesaid act. TechMech is also listed on the panel of several nationalized banks and supporting agencies. Our aim is to facilitate cash flow which is crucial for any business. Our recovery agents will inject cash back into your organisation and minimize bad debts.

Often, debtors are hesitant to settle their debts and companies are not able to toughen up with them. In such a scenario, TechMech provides the third party incentive often required by debtors to pay up. Whatever the specifications, we provide our clients with recovery agents who can work with them and offer maximum efficiency in recovering debts. For more information on SARFAESI,

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