Refurbishment From Scratch

Redevelopment Projects

TechMech offers specialised planning services for redevelopment projects. Redevelopment projects required unique attention as they aim at refurbishment and restoration activities. Our experts are trained and experienced to handle such individual projects. Planning for such projects involves extensive research and applications for rebuilding. As these often involve seeking approval from authorities, such plans must be thoroughly detailed and provide for a variety of contingencies. At the same time, they need to be convincing enough to warrant the redevelopment. Such levels of detail and planning are what we at TechMech are trained in.

We offer a team experienced in various sectors within a range of disciplines including interiors, commercial operations, refurbishment, engineering, Designing, construction and more. We integrate these services to provide you will complete solutions to fit your needs. Our experts work with each client to understand their individual requirements and keep a keen focus on meeting client objectives. Our services may include meetings with the local authorities depending on the size and scope of the project. We offer our services across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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