Measuring Project Feasibility

Pre Design Services

TechMech offers Pre-Design services to answer questions regarding the viability, legalities, possible issues and other queries around a project. In this phase, we help clients define their project goals and objectives and outline a plan to link these goals to the eventual construction. Our team meets clients to understand their individual needs, vision, preferences and budget limitations. Based on these, we get a better understanding of the client and their prerequisites.

The goal of this phase is to get clarifications on both the functional requirements as well as the aesthetic sensibilities of the client. These help us evaluate and plan the project to exact client specifications. Pre-design services may include site selection, feasibility studies as well as meetings with city planners and other consultants.

These services often involve participation of specialists such as surveyors, engineers and planners to give a comprehensive understanding of the viability of a project and its future prospects. By gathering such information, our team is able to build a realistic schedule for construction.

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