For Your Insurance Claims

Loss Assessors

TechMech's team of professional Loss Assessors help individuals and businesses alike in handling their insurance claim process. Our team will be with you through the entire course of meeting with the insurance company, making the claim and negotiating the best settlements. We are here to make your journey easy and streamlined by taking up all the hassles so that you can deal with your claim in a stress-free way.

At TechMech, we understand the stress which accompanies making insurance claims. Our team is trained to reduce your hassles by keeping you reported throughout the process and giving you the keen attention you need and deserve. We are trained to handle commercial claims for SMEs and large organisations as well as private claims for individual parties. Our main aim is to reach a settlement which is satisfactory to our clients. At the same time, we endeavour to eliminate any confusion involving the claim on your part. We do this through complete transparency and client-involvement.

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