Assessing Your Business' Impact

Impact Assessment and Planning

The business world is evolving with more and more stress being laid today on sustainable growth and corporate responsibility. In such a scenario, it is essential for companies to assess the impact of their projects and activities on local communities and other relevant groups. In this respect, TechMech offers Impact Assessment and Planning services to measure the environmental and social impact of an organization's activities. We help clients plan and implement their projects while managing the impact of these on the environment around them.

We assist clients in setting up their environmental and social objectives and help them meet these by integrating them in the planning phase of the project. In this way, clients are able to plan for such measures in advance and avoid unnecessary capital and time wastage at later stages. We study the company's capabilities along with the requisite regulatory requirements and social values of the environment in which the company operates. Bases on this double-edged understanding, our experts help clients in measuring impact and planning for these.

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