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GIS/ Remote Sensing

TechMech provides unique surveying, mapping and sensing services. Our proficient and technologically equipped professionals are capable of carrying out multiple forms of remote mapping & sensing operations. These include contour mapping, land surveying and topographical analysis. These services help clients in coming up with an exact idea of the project area, while at the same time answering several queries regarding cost, analysis and implementation.

We specialise in the complete gamut of GIS and remote sensing techniques to offer a range of services to our clients. With our solutions, clients can take their geo-data and convert it into suitable plans of action. Our experts will be with the client every step, from analysing their geo-data to consultation for GIS hardware and software. Our experts are trained in the latest technologies within the field to provide you with top-rated solutions including digital image processing, 3D visualisation, satellite imagery and a variety of GIS software. Our ambit of services includes flood mapping, land cover, GIS analysis and development for organizations, cartography, geo-referencing and much more.

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