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Non-Ferrous Metals

The industry for non-ferrous metals in India is a key economic contributor. This is owing to the need for non-ferrous metals in several other industries such as electronics, infrastructure, automobiles and much more. As there is a consistent demand for non-ferrous metals in the market, companies need to maintain consistent supply and at cost-effective prices. We offer our services to primary as well as secondary producers in this sector. From basic products such as wires and rods to value added products like batteries and castings, our experts understand different types of businesses.

We offer professionals who have deep customer insight about the patterns of demand in this industry. With a comprehensive knowledge of the different techniques and processes employed by firms in the industry, our experts offer trained solutions. We help companies improve their profits by optimizing their processes, increasing efficiencies in production and distribution, channelizing new markets, adopting latest technologies and much more.