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Design Development Services

Design Development is probably the longest and most crucial stage in the entire designing process as this is where the ultimate design and finishing touches are finalized. Once the schematic design is approved, our team will work at refining the designs by adding walls, sections, ceiling plans, floor plans, doors & windows and other specifications. Specialist knowledge is used to determine details such as the framing system, electrical wiring, ventilation systems and much more. Our team also finalizes details such as colour schemes, materials and systems used along with a general idea of their quality.

Our team provides detailed reports covering estimates of the construction costs and a preliminary schedule for execution. We encourage dialogue with the clients to ensure that the designing meets all required specifications and lives up to their expectations. Client input is considered crucial at this stage as these designs form the basis for all future work. Advanced technology such as electronic modelling, perspective sketches and computerized drawings are used to give a detailed idea of the final outcome.

The Design Development may also provide specifications on the furnishing, its placement and other interior details. TechMech's team of professionals is experienced in developing designs which are client satisfactory as well as eligible by industry and professional standards.

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