Streamlining Your Construction

Construction Inspection and Review

TechMech offers a team of experienced engineers who can inspect and review construction projects. We ensure that your constructions comply with the set codes and regulations while adhering to the predetermined plans. It is the job of our engineers to conduct regular inspections or a one-time review based on client needs. We have worked with projects at all scales, big and small, and thus understand the expertise required for different levels of inspection.

Our experienced team works with construction documents to ensure complete compliance and quality assurance as laid down on paper. Based on client needs, our experts will observe, track and report on various aspects of the construction. Our construction inspection and review services include detailed reports on the condition of the property, current progress, construction management, site safety and much more. We also conduct specific reviews of the contractor's work before their monthly payments, to ensure that progress is being made as planned.

Our professionals are trained in a range of specialities including civil engineering, construction and government relations. With such a wide range of expertise and many years of experience within the industry, we ensure that we provide all-inclusive inspections and reviews which help clients manage risk. Our services may also include meetings and coordination with other professionals such as architects, building officials and regulatory bodies. And hence, we provide a team especially trained in this.

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