Non Bank Clients of Recovery/Sarfaesi and Valuation
Empanelment List with Non Banks for Valuation/TEV/Lender's Engineers Name of the Bank Name of the Region Services Ref No.& Date of Emp. Letters
1 PFC Consulting Ltd. Delhi Asset Valuation NO.08/OvE/09/HR/Empanel/Firms/14, dt- 18,05.2012
2 Haryana State Industrial Development Corp. Haryana Valuation No.HSIDC/App/2003/ 013 , dt- 10.10.2001
3 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Lucknow Region Valuation UPSO/HR/GAV/06,dt- 08.02.2006
4 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Noida Valuation HR/UPSO II/11,dt-14.09.2009
5 Official Liquidator Delhi High Court Valuation No.01/Estt/Valuers/Empanel/2013/12AA, dt- 02.11.2013
6 Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. Govt. of Punjab Valuation No.IV/06/07/2011-FD(Dis)/SO-2/599,dt- 27.01.2011
7 Uttar Pradesh Sugar Corporation Register office Lucknow Valuation FA/SSC/Privatisation/129,dt-11.08.2007
8 UPRCGVNL & CSCL Lucknow Valuation FA/SSC/Privatisation/855, dt- 05.07.2010
9 Cane Cooperative Societies Lucknow Valuation No/138/Samit,dt-09.02.2009
10 Uttar Pradesh Fin. Corp. Regional Office Meerut Valuation No.Comp/FC/REC/MRT/2007-2008, dt-20.02.2008
11 STCL Ltd. Bangalore Valuation  
12 SIDBI Varanasi Valuation SIDBI/VA.SA.KA.No. 684/RSP dt- 26.11.2015
13 Small Industries Development Bank of India Lucknow Valuation HO/NO/2916/PAFD, dt. 08.10.1996
14 Cement Corporation of India Ltd. Head Office New Delhi Valuation No.47/11/6(9)/11-MMO/781, dt-28.12.2011
15 HUDCO Regional Office Dehradun Valuation UDCO/DRO/Gen-328/2012/399, dt- 18.09.2012
16 Udaipur Cotton Mills Udaipur Valuation ;wlh,e/osY;w,’ku IykaV e’kkh /2012 -12 /89,dt- 25.09.2012
17 Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Ltd. Gujarat Valuation REF.NO.ALK/MD/127dt-05/06/2013
18 Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited Mumbai Valuation CMOG-Risk/CL/FY 14/2341
19 Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited Lucknow Valuation Arms/Process/14-15/1251 dt- 08.12.14
20 HUDCO Bank Patna Valuation HUDCO/PRO/Empanelment-Valuer dt - 30.03.2016,
21 JM Finance HO Mumbai Valuation  
22 HUDCO Bank Jaipur Valuation HUDCO/Jaipur/2014/153/4963 dt- 10.12.2014
23 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Noida Valuation UPSO-II/GAV/2015-16, dt-27.03.15
24 U.P. CO-Operative Sugar Factories Federation LTD. Lucknow Valuation GM(PBP)/Station/Valuation/2015 dt- 30.03.2015
25 RIICO Jaipur Valuation Investment/Empanelment dt- 11.08.2015
26 National Textile Corporation Limited New Delhi Valuation of Plant & Machinery F/SBCM/2015/105 dt-14.12.15
26.1 Kharar Textile Mills Mohali Valuation of Plant & Machinery of Kharar Textile Mills Kharar (A unit of NTC) KTM/15-16/1118 dt- 15.12.2015
26.2 Udaipur Cotton Mills Udaipur Land & Building UCM/Co.Persasan/15-16/119 dt-14.12.15
26.3 Udaipur Cotton Mills Udaipur Plant & Machinery UCM/Co.Persasan/15-16/126 dt-14.12.15
26.4 Shree Bijay Cotton Mills, Bijainagar Ajmer Valuation of Plant & Machinery F/SBCM/2015/105 dt-14.12.2015
27 RSGSM Sugar Mills Limited, Sriganganagar Valuation of Plant & Machinery S.No/RSGSM/SALE/2016-17 dt-09.05.2016
28 RSGSM Sugar Mills Limited, Dholpur Valuation of Plant & Machinery dt 27.05.2016
29 Official Liquidator Mumbai Valuation dt 05.05.2016
30 Official Liquidator Kolkata Valuation No.OL/Legal/Valuer/New/76, dt- 03.08.2016
31 IFCI Ho. New Delhi Valuation IFCI/DRO/2016-161223147
32 Hindustan Vegetable Oils Corporation Limited New Delhi Valuation No. HVOC/5 12016
33 Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited Jammu Valuation No. HUDCO/JMRO/Valuation/2016/1164
Empanelment List with Other Than Non Banks for Recovery/Seizure/Supporting Agent and CPVA Name of the Bank Name of the Region Services Ref No.& Date of Emp. Letters
01 HUDCO Regional Office, Lucknow Security /Enforcement Agent HUDCO/LRO/2012/565,dt- 14.03.2012
02 ASREC (India) Limited HO Mumbai Enforcement Agent ASREC/Resolution/3279/2012-13, dt- 20.11.2012
03 Arcil Limited HO Mumbai Recovery/Enforcement Agent CMOG-Risk/CL/FY 14/2341 dt- 23.09.2013
04 JM Finance Limited HO Mumbai Recovery/Enforcement Agent NM
05 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Bareilly Recovery Agent BR/TR(PC)/O.S/Recovery Agents/2009-10,dt, 17.12.2009
06 Arcil Limited Lucknow Recovery/Enforcement Agent Arms/Process/14-15/1251 dt- 08.12.14