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Carbon Trading

We provide crucial carbon auditing, training and consultancy solutions for our clients. Reduction of carbon emissions or going green is not just about good environmental planning and leadership. It also is a necessity in the modern environment for corporations to raise their image in the market and possess a competitive advantage. On the other hand Carbon offsetting also brings in good economic and commercial returns. This two-way advantage is the main factor because of which most modern industries are opting for carbon audit and trading solutions.

Our services in this domain include assessment of carbon footprint from direct and indirect sources, developing strategies to reduce carbon footprint, cost benefit analysis of various emission reduction strategies and advisory services on emission trading.Carbon credit generation projects can take multiple forms, some of them being Energy Efficiency, Waste Management and Avoided Landfill, Recycling, Water and Wastewater Efficiency, Forestry and Tree Planting Projects, Landfill Gas Electricity Generation, Renewable Energy Projects and Clean Energy Projects.

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