Inspecting Buildings From The Ground Up

Building Inspection and Report

TechMech offers an experienced team of professionals conducting building inspections. We work with clients in public and private sector as well as individuals seeking to get inspections prior to project initiation or investment. We conduct audits and provide detailed reports based on our findings. We also offer customized solutions in the form of reports for specific defects or features of the building. Our inspection services can be availed as a one-time solution or on an on-going basis.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality inspections for complete client satisfaction. Our professionals have worked with clients across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. So whatever type of building, we have the experts to inspect it. We offer inspections for building handovers, new houses, end of warranties, maintenance and dilapidation. Our teams inspect entire buildings or specific features such as frames, lock-ups, pests etc.

At TechMech, we understand the level of detail and observation that goes into building inspections. This is why we provide inspectors who are fully licensed and highly trained with a vast experience to back them up. They produce detailed reports providing clients with complete information based on their needs.

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