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Bidding or Negotiations Services

TechMech offers bidding or negotiation services to attain contractors at the end of the designing stage. We help make the construction phase more convenient for clients by taking up the task of finding general contractors. This stage is very crucial to ensure that the right contractor is chosen for the job and cost estimates stay within budget. The overall quality of work and timely completion will largely depend on attaining the appropriate contractor.

Construction documents are used here to give contractors a complete understanding of the design, materials and other specifications for construction. Based on these, cost estimates are taken from various contractors. We take clients through the entire process of negotiations by preparing bidding documents, invitations to bid, instructions to bidders as well as the conditions of the contract.

At TechMech, we ensure that the bidding process is transparent and fair. We are trained to handle highly competitive bids and hence understand the preparations and documents that must go into this. Our bidding and negotiation services will ensure that you get the best value contractor for your project.

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