An Overview

TechMech International Pvt. Ltd. was previously known as TechMech Surveyors and Allied Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Over the past three decades, we have established ourselves in the field of valuation, recovery, Designing, auctioneering, etc.

TechMech was established by a group of experts, from varying professions such as Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Law Experts, Management Experts & numerous others. We pursue a continuous endeavor of providing quality services, as out sourced agents to various Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporate houses and Government departments.

The fiscal world is a web of different activities, which despite being independent are inter-linked, inter-dependent and sometimes even over lapping. To deal with this paradox, services of qualified experts & experienced personnel, who address problems beyond boundaries with a pragmatic approach, are necessitated.

TechMech has a strong team of professionals who are experienced, qualified and modern, while having a dynamic approach in their respective fields.

Services provided by company