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Technical Inspection and Certification

Our Technical Inspection and Certification division offers comprehensive third party verifications to clients from all sorts of industries. We offer teams with specialized knowledge in an array of fields ranging from BIS, ISI and ISO certifications to energy audits, due diligence audits, manual assets, management audits and statistical audits. These services are offered to a range of businesses and individuals, including explosive manufacturers and FCNR account holders. We offer independent and trustworthy inspectors and auditors for all your needs, including quick audits and special investigations.

Our qualified and experienced team is always on track with the latest industry standards and regulations. We verify our clients' products, processes and services on these parameters while keeping our client specifications in mind to deliver precise and accurate inspection reports. It is our job to help our clients' business meet industry levels and expectations. These technical inspections and certifications are essential for companies to maintain a healthy reputation in the industry as well as establish trust with the clients.